Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rectangle Clutch


This is a fun way to add a little something extra to a project without introducing color.

CO: 40
1 skein 

Finished size: 11" high (5 1/2" on either side) x 9 1/2 long

Stockinette from beginning to middle

Rectangles Pattern:
5 ROWS: 8 Stockinette stitches then 8 of pearl and the 24 Stockinette stitches (opposite on wrong side)

4 ROWS: Stockinette

8 ROWS: 24 Stockinette stitches then 12 of pearl then 8 Stockinette stitches (opposite on wrong side)

Sew together sides and put in zipper.  

Remember: This is YOUR bag....have fun with the pattern and think up new shapes to put on! 

IF you come up with new ones....TELL ME! I would LOVE to know and see new shapes!

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