Saturday, February 9, 2008

YEAH!!! finally happend...
someone made one of my projects!!!! i don't think i could be any happier! i was so excited when i saw the new project this morning! 

please feel free to leave comments or ideas of any new projects that you would like to see made! 

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jewelry Tray

Yarn: Nashua Handknits: Wooly Stripes
50 grams/ 1 skien 

Finished size: 7" by 7", with 1/2" high sides and a separator line that is 1/4" tall.  
Gauge: 4 SPI (gauge doesn't matter a whole lot since it will be felted) 

CO: 40 on US 8 

Simply knit a stockinette piece that is 10 inches long.  When you cast off it should be around 10 inches by 10 inches.  Throw in washer and felt.  If you want the tray to be a different size just remember when you felt to knit the item 20% larger than you want it to finish. 

While the piece is felting in the washer make or get a form that is around 7 inches by 7 inches.  This will allow the sides to stand up around 1/2 inch.  For my form i used a piece of styrofoam and using sewing pins, pinned the edges of the project to the sides of the form.  When you do this, it will cause the edges to form points that don't fit on the form, don't worry this is what is supposed happen.  

When the tray is dry, unpin from the form and then decide where you want the separator line to be.  Once you have decided, wet that line.  With document clips (shown in picture) pinch the bottom of the tray to form the separator line.  When this section dries, take a matching or if you choose contrasting thread and sew the points on the corners, that were formed earlier, together.  This will help the sides of the tray stand up straight.  

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Make-up Bag

Awesome and quick project!  Great for a last minute gift or a nice break in between projects. 
Yarn: Nashua Handknits: Wooly Stripes
  • Weight: 50 grams/ 2 skeins (1 skein of each color)
  • Gauge: US 8-9
Finished Size:
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Length:
Entire project is knit on US 10.5, garter stitch, and double stranded
Sides: CO 40
Start with color A and knit 10 rows
  • With color B knit 8 rows
  • With color A knit 6 rows
  • With color B knit 4 rows 
  • With color A knit 2 rows 
  • With color B knit 1 row (this is your cast off row)
Ends (Triangles): CO 2o
With color B, knit 4 rows.  On the next row, and every odd row after that, decrease with a k2tog at the beginning and ending 2 stitches (your tail should be on your right side when you decrease).  This will make a triangle that is just slightly shorter than the height of the sides. 

Bottom: CO 20
With color A simply knit garter stitch until the length of the bottom matches the length of the sides. 

Weave in all ends and sew all pieces together.  DO NOT sew top shut.  Put in washer and felt. Allow the bag to dry COMPLETELY, (this may take a day or two) and sew in the zipper.  Line if you desire. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Updating the Books

Coming soon new patterns for bags and scarfs 

i am currently updating my design book and when i get that done and get a few last minute touches on a few projects i will post the new designs! 

Watch for them!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finishing Up

it is that time of year again...time to take down the christmas decorations.  for some odd reason this is always a slightly sad always feels like something is ending and then you always have all those empty spots where the decorations used to be! o well at least the house is clean! lol

i have been planning/working/stressing about this large tote i have been making, but it almost done! i am so excited!  i have spent a day planning for the project (coming up with measurements and finding how everything fits into it) and then last night i began the project by the very boring cutting out however i have gotten almost everything done! all i have left is to put in the lining and sew in the liner! i can't wait till it is done

have a great day! 

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why is the Rum Always gone?!?

Today is cookie day!
today mom and i made rum balls...uber delicious!  There is also mexican wedding cakes and chocolate chip cookies.  My favorite though is my great grandmothers raspberry cookies! They are amazing!  nothing like making Christmas cookies 3 days before Christmas! lol!  Tonight i think that we are having hot rum toddies too! yum yum! happy cookie days!

Tubby day!

So today my dog Little Bit and my parents new puppy Sonny got baths.  This is usually a normal occurrence for most families....but not mine.  Little bit happens to mentally be a cat so she pretty much HATES water and fights baths.  Sonny was abandoned when he was little so he is really a bath isn't the greatest idea.  Needless to say...i ended up being as wet as they were! lol!  

Good things did happen today though.  Sonny ate and drank a whole bowl of food and water (a big feat for him).  He behaved great all night long and wasn't as weird as he normally is and didn't spend the night in his corner!  It was great!  Other good news is that i FINALLY got some of my Christmas presents wrapped!  The tags turned out way cute too,  i have been in a pretty crafty mood recently! What can i say...i'm kinda dorky that way! ;)