Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tubby day!

So today my dog Little Bit and my parents new puppy Sonny got baths.  This is usually a normal occurrence for most families....but not mine.  Little bit happens to mentally be a cat so she pretty much HATES water and fights baths.  Sonny was abandoned when he was little so he is really a bath isn't the greatest idea.  Needless to say...i ended up being as wet as they were! lol!  

Good things did happen today though.  Sonny ate and drank a whole bowl of food and water (a big feat for him).  He behaved great all night long and wasn't as weird as he normally is and didn't spend the night in his corner!  It was great!  Other good news is that i FINALLY got some of my Christmas presents wrapped!  The tags turned out way cute too,  i have been in a pretty crafty mood recently! What can i say...i'm kinda dorky that way! ;)

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